The Tumbler Features:


- The self-cleaning lint screen and large lint compartment mean employees spend less time cleaning.

- Our stainless steel door and extra-wide hinges make sure it stands up to frequent opening and closing and the rough demands of a busy on-premises laundry environment.

- Paint is applied to the outside and inside of the cabinet electrostatically for superior bonding and corrosion resistance.

- Cissell's 120 and 170 lb tumblers are offered with an optional response to suppress laundry combustion inside the tumbler cylinder. The Combustion Auto Responce Equipped   (C.A.R.E) system senses for abnormally high temperatures be detected, the system activates a warning signal and sprays water on the load from multiple ports.


Eceptional Controls:


- Cissel drying tumblers offer intuitive controls, which means managers spend less time training employees. Our 120 and 170 lb tumblers are offered with either a dual digital control or mirco-processor control.


The Control Features:


- The microprocessor control pictured features five present drying cycles, with additional programmability. It also has an anti-wrinkle tumble and an easy-to-read digital display.

- Cissel's dual digital control enables operators to set drying time (0-60 minutes), cool-down time (0-15 minutes) and temperature. It also features one-touch cycle repeat, extended tumble and easy-to-read digital displays.