OSBK Series


OSBK series has an international scotch type design.


Each phase of manufacturing process: quality control is applied in accordance with the related directive 97/23 EEC, EN-12953.


High quality steel for body and seamless special boiler tubes are used in manufacture.


Wide capacity range up to 24 ton/h steam.


Wide design pressure range up to 20 bar.


The boiler weight increases with the increasing steam capacity and design pressure.


Higher steam volume for perfect steam quality.


Large water volume and optimum thermal balance causes long-life usage.


Wide range of banner selection opportunities.


Perfect combustion with low NOx.


The front door is coated with a special refractory material durable up to 1300C.


Very effective and durable front door design for easy cleaning and with no leakage.


Sight glass valve for flame contrl just on the explosion door.


It has larger water volume than the other types of boiler.


It helps the boiler to be long life.


Low specific load rate supplies long term economical usage and low fuel consumption.


Electrical consumption of burner is very low because of low counter pressure.


The boiler body is insulated ratherly good; covered by rock wool and covered by stainless steel or aluminum sheet metal.


It has very low insulation loss.


Because of it's perfect smoke way design it supplies high efficiency in heat transfer.


Because of low consumption of fuel, it is environmentally friendly.


Checked by radiographic scanning.


Hydrostatic test is applied.


The furnace is corrugated.


Economizer and superheater are optional.


If wanted, steam boilers can be served as package unites.